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What’s IPR?

The Greek work meraki means to put something of yourself into your work. It seems apt in the context of people who are ingenuous and continually in search of ideas which lie beyond their horizon. Their hard work may take them to places, pave the way to take new ground and enter new territories but what if their vigorous intellectual inquisitiveness of creating the unexpected rather than bending themselves to fit inside a mould, gets copied? Well, a flower does not think of competing to the flower nearby but we humans do. We live in a world where everything can be seen and shared with the click of a mouse. It is heart-wrenching to see someone steal our ideas. The lifeblood of your venture is precious to you and such infringement of exclusive rights of the owner virtually tantamount to theft. No one will ever come forward to give you an intruder alert but intellectual property rights will. Whether you’re an inventor, a writer or an artist,  you need to protect your work and this is when IPR comes to fore.

Intellectual Property Rights are critical for fostering innovation and research. It is an umbrella term that includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, design registration, plant variety, trade secrets and geographical indications. Research and Innovation emerges both from industry as well as academic institutions. In today’s era where Intellectual Property Rights are globally enforceable, we need to develop a conducive environment where we can impart knowledge of various IPRs to our young generation so that they can be equipped to create innovations and can protect and benefit from their innovation and creativity.

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